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Aizhai Bridge

Aizhai Super Suspension Bridge is located in Aizhai Town, Jishou City, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province. The project is a dual-purpose bridge with double-deck highway and sightseeing channel, and a four-lane expressway super large bridge. The bridge type scheme is a single-span suspension bridge with 1,073.65 m in length and 1,176 m in main span and 355m in height. It has created four world firsts, greatly improved the traffic situation in Hunan and Chongqing provinces and cities, and is of great significance to the docking of the two provinces and cities and even the central and western regions. The world's number one is the fourth in the world: first, the main span of the bridge is 1176 meters, spanning the canyon suspension bridge, making it the world's number one. Second, it is the first time to adopt a structural design scheme in which the tower and beam are completely separated, setting the world number one. Third, it is the first time to erect a steel truss beam by using the rail-cable sliding method, which is the first in the world. Fourth, it is the first time to adopt the rock anchor sling structure and use carbon fiber as the prestressed reinforcement material, which is the first in the world. The design speed is 80 kilometers per hour, the roadbed width is 24.5 meters, and the actual completion cost is 1.5 billion yuan. Start in 2007,completed in 2012

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